Wodapalooza Fitness Festival 2018

Wodapalooza® is an annual 4-day festival that brings the world of fitness & the love of life to South Florida.

What started as a local event five years ago has blossomed into a worldwide competitive bonanza with over 25,000 spectators & nearly 1500 athletes, representing over 30 countries. The combination of cultures, along with the spirit of celebrating life & fitness is what WZA is all about!

It could be said that the highlight of this prestigious competition is its collection of Elite athletes, but it wouldn’t be Wodapalooza® without the carnival-like atmosphere! While 60 or more of the world’s most decorated Fire-Breathers will be giving everything they have for pride and prizes provided by top-notch sponsors; there will be an equal dose of food, music, dancing and wild water shows for the whole family.

Taking place at world-renowned Bayfront Park, in the heart of Downtown Miami, Wodapalooza® gives athletes of all skill levels the opportunity to test themselves in the most unique setting imaginable for a Fitness Competition: Cruise Ships to the East and High Rises to the West! From the Adaptive Division, to the Masters and Teens, Wodapalooza® strives to challenge every competitor beyond what they previously thought possible. Even spectators will get a chance to try their skills at various sponsor booths.

This is a short interview with Coach Fellon, for the newspaper, about the unforgettable experience:

‘I am very happy to be the first Surinamese to participate in a world-class CrossFit tournament’, says CrossFit athlete Fellon Cheung. The 29-year-old represented Suriname during the “The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival” in Miami, Florida, USA. ‘I’ve known the Wodapalooza Miami Fitness Festival for three years now by friends from the United States and were so interested in seeing it or participating it myself. Around August 2017, I decided to register for the Wodapalooza Online Challenge and enter an “Online Challenge” for participation, which served as a qualification. To qualify, I also had to do two workouts per week for three weeks and then send the scores with video images to the organization. After hard work, I managed to qualify for the second largest CrossFit tournament in the world, “says Cheung. The CrossFit LongClaw athlete then left in January with her coach and nine other teammates to the tournament in Miami. At this three-day Wodapalooza CrossFit-type tournament, 1700+ athletes took part in no less than 86 countries. ‘I participated in the Scaled Division with nine workouts, where your level as a fitness athlete is tested to the limit. Furthermore, I have gained a lot of experience as an athlete and can also meet a lot of elite top athletes’ says Cheung. According to Cheung, the organization was not only engaged in a competition, but the athletes could also attend various activities and workshops. ‘My goal is to work harder and qualify for this CrossFit tournament again, so that I can participate again. Of course I hope that in the future a big annual tournament can be organized in Suriname, “says Cheung. The CrossFit LongClaw athlete practiced CrossFit for more than two years and trains five days a week.